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About Us

Leading in Product Development

The Innovation Lab is a leading Industrial Design, Rapid Prototyping, Product Development company. We provide engineering and industrial design services along with rapid prototyping in foams, metals and plastics. Our focus is on developing sustainable, bio-based products for everyday use.

We develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly low carbon footprint with full transparency and tracing of raw materials.

We work with your manufacturing partner or suggest suitable domestic or overseas facility to ensure you have a sustainable, carbon friendly manufacturing facility.

Find out how we can save you time and money developing your product domestically.



Creating from hand-shaped foams, speed-molds and 3D printed components a proof of concept is usually the earliest form of prototype and serves to help us test the basic requirements of the product.

Proofs-of-concepts can be rough but they’re usually the most informative of all prototypes as it validates the technical feasibility.


Appearance Prototypes

Appearance prototypes look great and can be used for photography or to get buyers, customers, or focus group feedback. These prototypes are ideal for early consumer testing and marketing development.

Start-ups often use these prototypes to secure funding. Our appearance prototyping process uses technologies like CNC machining, 3D printing, and thermoforms.


Functional Prototypes

Functional prototypes take you to the next step. Not only do they look good, they function for their intended purpose. These are great for sales teams to use, marketing videos, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.

They provide design validation and are able to assist in identifying any final adjustments that need to be made before moving forward with final tooling for production.

Our Services

Sustainable Product Development

Discover how you can decrease your product development time, right here in North America.

Domestic Prototyping

We’re problem solvers, building and developing products and solutions for prototyping and manufacturing. We will work with your designs to bring them to life.

Building your product, we will review and make recommendations on prototyping processes, tooling, colors, materials and finishes we are able to offer to help you achieve your goal.

Sustainable Product Development

Building products today for a better tomorrow. Our focus is on developing product for companies that reduce their carbon footprints and the impact it has in the environment. We can develop your products with bio-based plastic and foam, reducing the petrol-chemical base by up to 75%.

We can help your company meet its corporate and global goals to reduce carbon emissions, changing the impact the products have on the environment as well as in the production of the products.

Designing Innovative Products

3D CAD models are precision digital illustrations that are fundamental in turning an idea into something tangible.

CAD modeling is where idea meets execution and allows our team to create virtual models that demonstrate how objects will behave in the real world. During this stage of the development process The Lab’s industrial designers study interactions between various components, while building and assembling all required details for production.

Our output is informed by our understanding of ever-changing manufacturing constraints, and our designs are always developed with the assumption that they will one day go into production.

Thermoform Tooling

Fast, Efficient and Competitive Thermoform Tooling

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”